" With a new digital camera in hand, Sandy Weber's 'Capturing the Light' Digital Photography Workshop transformed my insufficient manual directions into a hands-on experience. Sandy's professional  knowledge, patience and use of time to actually take pictures provided valuable access to the art and fun of photography."- Barbara Miller, Madison WI

" I took my first class on digital cameras with Sandy. It was an excellent choice. Sandy is not only component with cameras, she truly wants to bring the beauty provided by the camera into her students' lives. For me she succeeded." - Ed Steichen, Waunakee WI


Course Evaluation Question: 

          What did you discover about the world around you?

  • "I found I noticed things I'd looked over and didn't really see many times before." -Karen
  • "That I don't have to travel the world to make interesting photos." - Rob Squires
  • "Color" pops out in my world. Sometimes I pick one color for the day and watch for how it welcomes me to the world." - Mary
  • "So much beauty can be found in the most ordinary things." - Maryann Stephenson
  • "Less is more, seeing with intention" - Trisha
  • " I became much more aware of light- its quality and how it interacts with the subject of interest, both on its surface(s) and in the surrounding space."